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HYUNDAI Model: H-LCD3200

Model: H-LCD3200
Panel: LC320WX3 (SL) (C1)
CON-T: 6870C-0154C
Inverter (backlight): 6632L-0443B (KLS-EE32HK14A) REV: 02

Inverter the PWM: BA13616A

Supply the Power (the PSU): JSK4200-014 - 81C039684 REV: 1.4

The Power the PWM: L6599D (the PWM Resonant), FAN7530MX (the PFC), ICE3B0365 (the Standby)

The Power the MOSFET: 2SK3568, 2SK2837 (the PFC)

MAINBOARD: JUG7.820.265 Ver1.00

MAINBOARD the IC: the SVP AX68 7668LF, HY50U281622FTP-4, 25X80, 24C64, TDA9886
Tuner: AFT7 / W003
By Imran Ashraf Khan
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Laptop Firmware Avalaible

Laptop Firmware Avalaible

All Service Modes LCD LED TV

Mix Models Service Modes For LCD LED Plasma Crt Tv.

Dansat Rapitron Cobay Akira Intex
Enter menu, Hi-Lite “audio” then enter 8893 Mode/Source 2580

Source/Input 2580
Hold Vol down on TV and hold the (#1) button on remote

Element China
Menu 0000 > menu 1147

Pull up menu, Hi-Lite “audio” then enter 8893.

 “Parental ” enter 0000 then select
“Clean All ”

Input 2580 (TV is on)

LG / Zenith
Hold MENU on TV and MENU on remote for 5 to 10 seconds,

Menu 123 or Menu 2470 (TV is on)

While powering ON, hold "MENU" or "INPUT" on TV,

Hold [ VOL-- ] on TV, press and hold menu button on remote.

Push Menu , select  062596

Hold [VOL--] and [CHANNEL--] or hold [VOL+] and [CHANNEL+]
(TV is on)

In customer menu go to setup, select parental control menu,
enter 0000 then select “clear channel list”.

Menu 1147

Hold VOL Down on TV, press and hold #1 button on remote,
VOL will jump to halfway and set shuts off.
Turn back on have 1st time setup screen.

Mute 182 power

Samsung (European)
Power off, Info - Menu - Mute - Power,

Menu 0000

Menu, 1999
Menu, 3481
Menu, 1147
While holding [ VOL– & INPUT ] buttons on TV plug in set when
“K ” appears push (VOL– & CHANNEL-)

Hold “arrow up” on Remote and push power button on TV (TV
is ON)

Source/input 2580

On Menu, select “Installation”, then “ System Information” press
the right arrow button.
(“System Information” will change to “Factory Reset” or
something similar)

Service Toshiba LED

to enter the Service mode
adjust the volume to zero , press the mute twice from the remote and press the menu button on the TV
(fourth button from the bottom and marked p and decree it shares) ..
to exit the menu shut the TV

to enter Click on Oak control of top and bottom of the image , as specified in red

 By Imran Ashraf

Press "Mute" & 'Menu" buttons on the remote control simultaneously.Press "Menu"' button on the remote control, and enter {4 => 7 => 2 => 5}Press 'Volume Down' button on the front panel of the TV and press and hold digit '9' on the remote control.


With No Menu displayed on the panel, press 'AV" & "F' buttons simultaneously.Enter code {1 => 0 => 4 => 8} by the remote control.


Press 'Mute' button on the remote control.Press 'Mute' button again.  While keep pressing the 'Mute' button, press "Menu" button on the TV SET."S" will be displayed at top right corner of the screen.Press 'TV (ANT) / VIDEO" button on TV; to get a single Horizontal Line On | Off [to adjsut screen voltage]Press 'TV (ANT) / VIDEO' button on the Remote Control; to select internal Test Signals.Use 'Ch Up | Ch Dn' buttons to call an item to adjust.Use 'Vol Up | Vol Dn' buttons to adjust the data value to selected item.To make adjustment menu On \ OFF, press 'Menu' button.To 'initialize' the memory IC (QA02), press "Recall + Channel Up" button on the 'TV'.Press 'Recall + Channel Dn" button on the 'TV', to initialize self diagnostic data.

Menu 4725 then select "RESET"

Vision Quest
Source / Input 2580

 menu under “Help” tab is Factory Default enter

Haier LCD
1. Press “MENU/EXIT”;
2. Press”1”+”9” +”9” +”9”;
3. Press “OK”

While pressing [VOLUME ( - )] button of the main unit,
press [INFO] button of the remote control three times
within 2 seconmo

TV mode adjust volume to zero, press mute key
and press number key 9 8 7 6 .

 Service mode = Press *MENU*, Select *CONTRAST*  then  enter *9735* or *1950*  you will enter *Factory mode* and *Design mode* respectively.

By Imran Ashraf

Sunday, 29 January 2017


2 LCD LED Tv Firmware DVD's Buying Now !

LCD LED TV's Firmware and Software's DVDs Avalaible for Major Smart and Non Smart TVs

Great Collection Of Frimwares Of LED LCD Smart And Non Smart TV Boards, You Should Hold These Set Of DVD's

LED LCD-TV Firmware Upgrade Method Example Only.

IMPORTANT:  Before you decide to update your firmware, please carefully check below to see if update firmware is necessary. Otherwise, please DO NOT update.
  • Update firmware ONLY if your Antenna or TV service provider set-up box cause "pop-up" channel scan menu often.
  • Please download the Firmware version EXACTLY match the Serial # of your TV.
  • Make sure the USB flash drive you use is empty and formatted to FAT32 by windows OS from computer before loading firmware.
Update instruction: please follow exactly procedure step by step
  1. Download firmware into blank USB thumb drive. Some thumb drives, even newly purchased, will contain marketing materials which need to be removed before downloading the firmware upgrade.
  2. Unplug the power cord from electrical outlet.
  3. Plug USB thumb drive into USB input.
  4. Plug power cord back into electrical outlet.
  5. Power on indicator light in the front of the TV will flash red, blue rapidly for about 30 seconds.
  6. Once indicator light stops flashing and stays red, unplug the power cord.
  7. Remove the thumb drive.
  8. Plug power cord back into electrical outlet and turn on TV.
CAUTION: Do not remove the USB flash disk or power-supply during updating, otherwise the operation will fail.

Frimware Software DVD Buying Link For Paypal and Credit Card Holder's,  is Avalaible Delivered Time is 7 to 14 Days By Courier Service 

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Lines removing method of Lcd TV